Anxiety Disorder Awareness

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it’s been a long day.

Another reason why I love my little village. 

holy shitsnacks
❝ Our children are disconnecting with nature. By the time they are seven years old, most youngsters have been exposed to more than 20,000 advertisements. They can identify 200 corporate logos, but they cannot identify the trees growing in their front yards. ❞
- Celeste Mary Barker (via m-uir)

okay i was asked to post pics from my oregon trip so here’s one from when we went hiking at multnomah falls!!!
it was so beautiful and i totally recommend the hike to anyone traveling there. it’s pretty long and steep and tbh i couldn’t catch my breath while going up but i didn’t say anything bc i didn’t wanna be an inconvenience lmao but i made it to the top and there were ppl chillin in the river and it was a nice view!!!
more on my instagram: @simona_zav

Redwood Grove, Big Sur, CaliforniaChuck Zamites

Murrhardt forest - Lightpainting - I (by Ralph Oechsle)


Wy_Summer_7 by Clay Kippen on Flickr.